Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well hello out there. Welcome to my mid-life crisis. Glad you could join me. My name is Donna Watters Dickson. I am a Canadian citizen who has been living in beautiful Scotland for the last ten years. This year, I decided to have a mid-life crisis. Could I just buy a sports car? Oh no. I had to pack up my husband and the rest of our lives and move us across the pond to Canada.

Oh, and I also retired from my 23-plus-year career in social services. Am I trained to do anything else? Nope. And I'm only 43, not quite retirement age yet. So, to translate, I'm unemployed and far from everything my husband and I hold dear.That's the scary bit. The exciting bit is that we've signed up for a bit of an adventure. Yes, we're far from home, in a strange place, don't know anyone and I don't have a job (Oh God, when do I get to the exciting bit???).

Ok, here comes the exciting part...we're far from home, in a strange place and I don't have a job. We're living a bit more in the moment right now, exploring our surroundings and looking at what prospects present themselves to us. Not many people have the same opportunity, I know. Life ties and binds us sometimes. We had our share of ties and binds, but we cut what we could, and tethered others in the care of friends and family and set off.So, I guess this blog is happening at the start of this adventure. While I wonder what tomorrow holds, I think I'll take it one day at a time for now. I may still buy that sports car yet...

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