Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Crow Sorrow

The night is dark, but the moon casts its light over the open field, covering it like a blanket soaked in mercury. The trees at the edge of the clearing beckon like blackened skeletons, calling me closer, closer, drawing me in.

“You are the keeper of all knowledge. You are the sacred law. You are an omen of change. Through you, I will know the truth. Tell me what I must know.”

The crow does not answer, mocking me harshly with its grating cry. It knows I will follow. I am compelled. I have no choice.

“What message do you have for me? Enlighten me, please! What am I supposed to learn?”

Deeper into the night, deeper into the heart of the shadows, the crow is silent as it cuts a path through the frigid air, taking me where I understand that I must go.

“What do you want from me?”

The crow speaks, “My son, you must change your path. This way darkness lies. You have a good heart, but it grows cold and empty. You have dreams, but you do not seek them. You have life, but you do not live it. You walk alone.

“You were a child and can hold no blame. It was not your fault.”

“But I trusted…”

“And you were betrayed. Trust yourself now, love yourself now and peace will follow.”

The crow wraps me within its soft, gentle wings and leads me toward the warmth of the rising sun.


  1. Great story sis, and already you have 13 comments. Dave, of course, is beating us because he was entry 21 and has 31 comments. I, being entry 132, only have 5 comments. I'm trying to get my classmates to read it and maybe add some comments, but it's a faint and distant hope.