Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Circle


I'm innocent!

I've committed no crime.

Call my daughter, she'll tell you, I was home around nine.

You can't do this to me, don't take me away!

For what injustice was done, the guilty must pay.

Upstairs to a room, with the light shining bright.

Men, they surround me, their hoods dark as night.

And there, right before me, that circle of death stand.

Waiting, smiling darkly, for the next one to hang.

I’ve told you already, please listen to me.

I couldn’t possibly have done it, I’m innocent you see.

I was there that night, that much is true.

I saw what happened, I always knew.

Take off your hood, show your face!

Come down from the gallows and take my place.

Let justice be served, let me go.

I cannot conceive that I'll never know

If the person who really committed this crime

Will ever admit to being there around nine.

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